MACRO has been working with many ECM/EDM vendors’ products, including SharePoint, FileBound, Datacap, EMC Captiva ApplicationXtender and more. In addition, we have become Value-Added Resellers (VAR) for several products that have been key solutions utilized within our customer base. As a VAR, we receive training certifications and maintain development systems in our office. MACRO assists other VARs or our customers with the installation and integration of software for capture, imaging, workflow, SharePoint integration and integration with legacy systems.

In addition, MACRO has developed clinical trials management software in collaboration with the research team at The St. Paul Heart Clinic. Our product IntelliTRIAL™ is used by clinics and hospitals across the nation and Canada to manage finances and operations for medical sites that conduct Phase 3 Clinical Research. We manage ongoing support, training and marketing for this software.

For more information on how MACRO might be able to assist you on your ECM/EDMS project or if you are interested in seeing a demo of our IntelliTRIAL™ product, please contact us.


MACRO has a team of consultants with extensive experience in ECM/EDMS solutions. We’ve done everything from project management, business analysis, records management, and process analysis to design, integration, customization, and implementation.

As one of the leading regional SharePoint consulting companies and long-term Microsoft partner, MACRO has completed over 15 separate SharePoint projects, delivering integrated and secure access to mission critical information in one easy-to-use tool. Using SharePoint 2013, our ECM/EDMS solution can do the following:

  • Streamline operations and reduce paper storage/retrieval expenses significantly reducing operating costs.
  • Provide end-users with a single view of information through the SharePoint portal – copies of paper documents, a variety of electronic sources including email, and other electronic forms.
  • Organize documents and content through metadata and security settings so that users see only the information they are authorized to see.
  • Provide robust workflow so that routing and approval can be tracked and managed within SharePoint.
  • Allow users to view both legacy information stored in other document management repositories/archives, and recently captured documents and information resident on SQL Server or within SharePoint.
  • Help users define complete metadata and taxonomy requirements to take full advantage of the search, organization and retrieval features found in SharePoint 2013.



“IntelliTRIAL™ has been an enormous help to me and my Research Division. It has enabled us to more accurately and rapidly estimate the costs of participating in a trial, improve our cash flow, and track the financial progress of our program.”
- Dr. Alan Bank, MD, St. Paul Heart Clinic

IntelliTRIAL™ provides:

  • Sophisticated budgeting tools to determine actual study costs and assist you in negotiations with sponsors/funders.
  • Forecasting and trend analysis for each study as well as your entire research program.
  • Easy-to-use invoicing that lets you drive the payment process and makes sure you get paid for the work you do.
  • Straightforward receipt/expense tracking to help you assess your bottom line from start to finish.
  • Integration with Microsoft Excel so that you can easily handle specialized presentation, calculation, or integration problems for your organization.
  • Features that help you manage workload, scheduling, recruitment, and adverse events/deviations.