Whether you need a single consultant to augment an existing team, or a complete team to help manage your most complex IT projects, this is what we do. Our project management team knows how to develop detailed plans and budgets to keep your project on track.

We provide a complete array of services:

Project Management

Our project management consultants bring practical experience to their assignments and help customers set ambitious but realistic goals for their IT projects. Our depth of our experience sets us apart from many competitors, as well as our style. With an approach that’s professional, accountable and collegial, our management team is disciplined yet flexible, and rigorous yet understanding.

All MACRO project managers have more than 15 years of experience in the IT industry, with advanced certifications from the Project Management Institute, the International Institute of Business Analysis, and/or Microsoft. Many have MBA’s or advanced degrees, and special certifications in industry methodologies like AGILE, LEAN, and Disciplined Agile Development. They also have specific technical specialties like ECM, Workflow, and Software Evaluation/Selection. These “extras” bring added value to the projects we lead.

Our managers have outstanding communication skills, and understand the latest project management methods and IT practices. This translates into measurable results to our customers, as well as effective resolution of issues that might be roadblocks to successful project completion. By focusing on communication between the business team and the project team, our managers create an environment of shared purpose and mutual respect. Our goal is to work together productively for the best possible outcomes.

Analysis/Design Services

For more than 28 years, business analysis has been one of our core competencies. It’s the first and most critical step to successful system development. MACRO has a proven and lengthy track record of helping businesses maximize their technology investments by the job we do at the front-end.

Our customers are the experts who know their business requirements and recognize where changes are needed. It’s our job to gather and document the business requirements, identify bottlenecks and improvements to processes, and design quality information systems.

MACRO analysts start by listening. With the information provided by our clients as the starting point, we use “best practice” tools and methods to document, clarify, prioritize and validate what we learn. The goal is to discover a better way to work – one that will simplify processes, eliminate redundancies, safeguard security, improve information integrity, and make tasks easier and more efficient for the end users.

We expect our consultants to attain advanced certifications in specific analytical tools and approaches (LEAN, AGILE, CBAP), and encourage their continued growth and learning in these areas. We also appreciate that a career as an analyst requires the right personality and skills, and we make sure these characteristics are aligned with our customer’s needs.

Building the right solution to a business problem and delivering an information system that adds value requires in-depth understanding of the business processes and the underlying data that supports the processes. We’re not satisfied until we understand your business needs and design a better way of moving forward to meet your goals.

Process Improvement

As your business expands and your use of technology increases, inefficiencies may start to creep into your business processes. As your operations become more complex, it also becomes more difficult to integrate and streamline operations across multiple divisions and disciplines.

MACRO specialists use our version of a LEAN approach to help customers:

  • Find bottlenecks and look for ways to address them quickly and efficiently.
  • Eliminate redundancies and duplication of effort.
  • Define targeted information sharing and integration activities that can improve operations and help you serve your customers.
  • Harness new technical developments to fit your business vision and objectives.
  • Find ways to use new technology that won’t bankrupt your business or “break” critical business functions.
  • Trim the paperwork stack.
  • Streamline workflow and leverage your organizational strengths.

Through our structured analysis, we identify tangible and achievable improvements. We’ll help you measure gains in product quality, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, productivity, employee efficiency, and profitability. Our methods identify improvements that translate to the bottom line and demonstrate a clear return on investment.


We pride ourselves on our versatility and breadth of experience. The majority of our work is focused on Microsoft® development tools. With diverse technical backgrounds among our consultants, we also bring experience with other suites of development tools and adaptability among technical platforms.

MACRO offers individuals or teams of appropriate size to help your development efforts.

Our core competencies include:

  • .NET Framework (ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#.NET), Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server
  • C++, C, JAVA, VBScript, PowerShell
  • MVC, HTML, DHTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, MVVM, JQuery
  • Access, InfoPath
  • BusinessObjects/Crystal Reports, Microsoft® SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • WCM, SharePoint (SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010, MOSS), SDL Tridion, WSS
  • Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Server Information Services (SSIS), SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS)
  • Oracle

Integration and Data Services

Business processes rely on data, and most processes become more complex as they rely on information from multiple operational systems. Moving data from one system to another or printing reports from several systems can turn a simple process into a complex jumble.

A better solution is to make the applications do the work for you through systems integration.

MACRO system architects, systems analysts and developers help customers define strategies to improve the interaction of their core business applications.

We evaluate, design, test and implement improved processes that run smoother, faster and with greater efficiency.

Electronic Content Management – Electronic Document Management

MACRO consultants have extensive experience working with ECM/EDMS solutions – from project management and business analysis through implementation. As one of the leading SharePoint consulting companies in the region and a long-term Microsoft partner, MACRO has completed numerous SharePoint projects.

We deliver integrated and secure access to mission-critical information in one easy-to-use tool, which enables our customers to focus on collaboration and customization. Using SharePoint, we provide a complete ECM/EDM solution that retrieves, shares and tracks documents and other content in a secure, streamlined environment.

Software Selection

Choosing the right software solution is one of the most critical IT decisions you can make. It has long-lasting ramifications on your IT operations and how your overall business will run in the future.

What are the requirements? What are the evaluation criteria? Buy off-the-shelf or build the solution in-house? How will the process work for implementation, testing and quality assurance? What are the on-going training, maintenance and upgrade requirements? What will be the Total Cost of Ownership?

We can help guide your management and IT teams through the decision-making process in selecting off-the-shelf software for your business.

MACRO software selection expertise includes:

  • Case Management (Legal)
  • E-Filing
  • Financial Management
  • Land Management
  • Point of Sales
  • Clinical Trials Management
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Data Warehouse/Data Mining
  • Property Tax